CorAssist Cardiovascular announces initiation of the CORolla® TAA first-in-human stand-alone clinical study at RAMBAM Health Care Campus.


CORolla® TAA for Heart Failure with preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF) and Diastolic Dysfunction (DD) Safety and Feasibility
CorAssist Cardiovascular Ltd has developed the CORolla® TAA – a ventricular assist device specifically designed to improve diastolic performance. The CORolla® TAA is the only device designed to assist the diastolic phase by utilizing the systolic energy which is preserved in patients suffering from HFpEF.
CORolla® TAA (Trans-Apical-Approach) is an elastic device implanted inside the left ventricle through a trans-apical access. The device stores a small amount of the elastic energy applied by the left ventricle during systole and release it to the ventricular wall during diastole by applying expanding outward forces and thus assisting diastolic function and filling performance.
CORolla® TAA FIH stand-alone clinical study
A clinical trial was designed to evaluate the safety and feasibility of the CORolla®TAA implantation as a stand-alone treatment. The trial is currently recruiting patients in two centers in Israel.
Study objectives are to demonstrate safety and feasibility of the CORolla® TAA implantation and evaluate the efficacy of the therapy in relieving heart failure symptoms by restoring diastolic function and filling performance with patients suffering from heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).


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