CorAssist Cardiovascular announces enrollment of first patient treated with the CORolla® TAA implant as an add-on to surgical valve replacement.


The CORolla® TAA Device – assisting diastolic failure
CorAssist Cardiovascular Ltd has developed the CORolla® TAA – a ventricular assist device specifically designed to improve diastolic performance. The CORolla® TAA is the only device designed to assist the diastolic phase by utilizing the systolic energy which is preserved in patients suffering from HFpEF.
CORolla® TAA (Trans-Apical-Approach) is an elastic device implanted inside the left ventricle through a trans-apical access. The device stores a small amount of the elastic energy applied by the left ventricle during systole and releases it to the ventricular wall during diastole by applying expanding outward forces thus assisting diastolic function and filling performance.
FIH CORolla® TAA as add-on to Aortic Valve Replacement Feasibility Trial
FIH feasibility study was designed to evaluate the safety and implantation procedure for the CORolla® TAA device in HFpEF patients undergoing cardiac surgery for aortic valve replacement (AVR) as a secondary indication to Aortic stenosis.


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